We offer in house services to help cut to order no matter what your project.  We take great pride in not just offering great services for our customers, but we stand behind the services we provide in a way that is unmatched in the industry. No order is too small!


DIY Steel has High Def Plasma Cutting capabilities that provides tighter tolerances, minimizes machining on finished parts and provides greater part accuracy. O2 Plasma means a smaller, heat affected zone and reduced edge cracking when forming. PC-based control technology increases control in shape cutting. High definition completes large volume projects with virtually no downtime.



DIY Steel can shear sheet metal and plate steel. We’ll shear your order to your exact specifications, place your material on a skid for safe transporting and safe handling after your order is delivered to your specified location.



DIY Steel uses programmable machines to flame cut carbon plate(rectangles, ID, OD’s and per print items).



The DIY Steel Companies plasma does high speed and precision cuts.



From our structural and bar stock we will saw cut to your requirements.

Mechanical band tensioning with digital readout

Heavy duty sliding vise jaw